This past weekend was a whirlwind of packing, moving, getting things squared away like health insurance, finances, etc… It’s a lot of work to put your life on hold for a year. Typically when we move, we’re moving from one house/apartment to another so we usually just change our address but now we will have no address. And although we’re not leaving for South America until September, we will be moving into our car in 4 days so all the preparations for the next year need to be made now, for example registering the car that we bought which currently resides in South America.

James doing some serious packing

We arranged to purchase a 2000 Infiniti QX4 SUV from a friend in Buenos Aires, Argentina who recently spent a year in South America. The vehicle is currently registered in the US and was driven down by a previous owner a few years back. As a foreigner in South America, one of the only ways to purchase a vehicle is to buy a US registered vehicle from another American. However, registering this vehicle while it is out of the country is complicated. Long story short and after a lot of work and headaches, we received our license plates for our car from South Dakota last week even though neither of us have ever stepped foot in South Dakota. This was a huge victory for us and was some sort of consolation for the long, miserable hours we spent at the Colorado DMV.

Our South Dakota License Plates – Ahhhh, sweet victory!!!

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