We arrived in Mendoza almost 2 weeks ago. As soon as we got into town, we rented an apartment since we knew we would be here at least a month. We rented a studio apartment near the center of town and started Spanish lessons our second day in Mendoza. When we arrived here, we immediately realized how much greener it is than Cordoba or Buenos Aires. Due to a sophisticated irrigation system implemented by the Native Americans, water is channeled from the nearby mountains and the streets are lined with big beautiful trees.

Pedestrian Street near Plaza Indepencia in Mendoza

We are quickly adjusting. Things don’t seem quite as difficult and we are figuring out how to navigate and enjoy the city and the culture. Our Spanish is improving too. We seem to understand more and more every day. We found a lady who is teaching both of us Spanish for 2 hours a day for one month. Don’t get me wrong, instead of only understanding 10% of what people say, it may have jumped to 30% so we still have a long way to go.

Learning Spanish is rough - with our teacher, Ana

By far, Mendoza’s largest claim-to-fame is the wine industry.  Mendoza is surrounded by vineyards, which are especially known for producing high quality Malbec grapes.

Familia Di Tommaso Winery

Nice lunch in Maipu

One of the Mendoza Bodegas