We met at the young, young age of 18 and 19 in engineering school. After graduating, we resisted the pull toward Houston and Seattle where we had family and friends, and instead moved to Denver and forged new lives on our own. After working for 5 years, we decided we needed an adventure, so we left our jobs, rented out our house, and moved into our car. We spent a summer driving from trailhead to trailhead, attempting to climb all of the 14,000+ foot peaks in Colorado (we wound up about 5 short), then we flew to Buenos Aires to spend a year traveling around Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.



When we returned from South America, we embarked on our next adventure: parenthood. This is definitely the hardest and most exhausting thing we’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding; everything they take out of you (which is a lot!), they put back every time they exclaim Dada! or Mama! Now we have about a year and a half before our oldest will start Kindergarten, so…


Join us as we embark on our next adventure (a vanscapade!), this time as a family of 4.